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Conveyancing Terms & Conditions

Conveyancing Terms & Conditions

Fardella & Bell use a trusted partner for residential legal conveyancing. Burys Solicitors Limited, trading as Burys Solicitors, is a Limited Company registered in England and Wales (registered number 8501204) which is Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), registration number 598028. Information regarding Burys Solicitors can be found at their website on

This offer includes £500 towards the legal fees of the sale transaction and to clients only and applies at point of completion. It does not include the VAT element should a bill come to £500 plus VAT and the client shall be liable for the VAT. The client shall also be liable for all additional costs which include disbursements in line with the transaction.

Money on account shall be taken as normal procedure at the outset of the matter in order to indemnify Burys Solicitors for aborted sales and advance disbursement payments.

The £500 may not be used for this purpose. Burys Solicitors do not operate a ‘no sale, no fee’ policy and therefore if a sale is aborted, the amount due for work completed to that point is due.

The £500 will not be taken into account for this aborted fee and will only be applied on completion, to prevent abuse of offer.

The offer of £500 towards legal fees applies only to Fardella & Bell clients who agree to use Burys Solicitors.

The offer is not open to those who choose to use other solicitors that is not Burys Solicitors and there is no transference of offer.

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