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5 things that frustrate us about traditional estate agents

5 things that frustrate us about traditional estate agents

It’s no secret that we do things differently here at Fardella & Bell - and for a good reason!

Buying and selling a property is almost always a stressful and overwhelming process, but what if we told you that a lot of that stress was avoidable? This month, we wanted to share the top five things that frustrate us about traditional estate agents, and how we’re actively challenging the stereotype of estate agents in Burnley and the surrounding areas!

Lack of transparency

This one is huge for us. Many traditional estate agents have a pretty terrible reputation for speaking in riddles, using too much jargon, and leaving you in the dark.

In fact, we’ve lost count of the number of clients who’ve come to us after dealing with competitors who withheld important information, weren’t transparent regarding fees, and used over-valuation as a tactic to win clients.

At Fardella & Bell, we recognise that deciding to sell or buy a property is probably one of the biggest choices you’ll have made recently – and we treat it as such. We keep you in the loop, are honest and transparent with you about costs, answer your questions promptly, and provide regular updates.

Impersonal service

If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt over the years, it’s that there are often a lot of emotions wrapped up in buying or selling your home – and we understand this. However, many estate agents lose sight of this emotional significance and fail to provide the bespoke service that you really deserve.

Here at Fardella & Bell, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to customer care. Instead of treating you like just another name on a list, we take the time to understand your individual needs and preferences so that we can provide a truly personalised service.

In fact, our commitment to building authentic and meaningful relationships with our clients is what sets us apart from the rest, and has earned us our stellar reputation across Burnley and the surrounding areas.

Being stuck in the past

It goes without saying that in today’s digital age, technology plays a huge role in how we live our lives. However, many traditional estate agents have been slow to embrace innovation and technology – making the process of buying and selling your property much harder than it has to be.

We do things differently here at Fardella & Bell – embracing innovative virtual tours, using stunning drone footage and featuring your property on our brand-new, intuitive, user-friendly website to get you the very best results.

The modern approach we take here at Fardella & Bell gives us an edge over our competitors, as we combine years of legal and property experience with a unique and progressive approach to property sales.

Aggressive sales tactics

We can’t emphasise this one enough. If an estate agent uses aggressive sales tactics, such as pressuring, manipulating or rushing you into making a decision, it’s a sure-fire sign to look elsewhere before working with them. These methods are still all too common among many traditional estate agents, and in 2023, this really shouldn’t be a thing.

Unfortunately, we hear too many tales from clients where other estate agents have intimidated and pressured them into making significant and often costly decisions, and it hurts every time!

At Fardella & Bell, we’re actively challenging this common practice by providing you with a down-to-earth, transparent, informed, and passionate service – and never rushing anyone into making a decision. We’re proud to follow the Estate Agency Official Conduct, which includes being NAEA Propertymark Protected and part of the Property Ombudsman Scheme.

BONUS FOOTAGE: Watch Aimee’s TikTok on just how much aggressive sales tactics frustrate us, here!

And finally…

Providing substandard services

Something we see relatively often within this industry is clients being reeled into working with competitors due to low prices. However, whilst low fees and commissions may initially seem like a bargain, we see time and time again that you’re likely to pay the price later down the line by receiving a substandard and low-quality service.

While many estate agents will offer low fees and commissions in order to win clients, in reality, you’ll often find that they’re incentivised to get rid of you as quickly as possible and not work to get you the best price.

At Fardella & Bell, we know with certainty that our fees reflect the hard work and commitment we put into getting to know our clients, doing our best for them, and getting greater results.


Why choose Fardella & Bell as your local estate agents in Burnley?

If you haven’t gathered by now, there’s a lot we’d like to change about the way many estate agents operate. However, whilst we can’t change how every agent practices, we can ensure that we do things differently.

We truly believe that by demonstrating our high standards, building genuine relationships with our clients, embracing technology and being transparent in how we operate – we can set the standards for others to follow suit. Ultimately, meaning more of you get the service you deserve when it comes to selling or buying a property in the future.

If we’ve missed anything, get in touch with us over on our social media platforms – where we’d love to hear what frustrates you about estate agents and the property industry!

Love from Team F&B

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